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Tell us a bit about your history and what makes you unique?
You don’t have to go crazy and give “him/her” a name or determine her hair colour, but you do need to narrow down who you are speaking to on your website, social posts and other marketing material.
"I want to________so that______becuase ___________". Example. "I want to teach women to love movement so that they can develop healthier habits because overall wellness is the key to a fulfilling life." Example Photographer: help business owners become more confident and visible, by creating a bank of on-brand images so that they can stand out from their competition and attract their ideal clients.
Defining your audience will help you connect with them. Tapping into who they are, what they want, and how you can serve them will help you take your brand from known, to liked and trusted. An ICA is essentially a fictional representation of your target audience for an ideal customer/client. Getting clear on your ICA will help you gain a deeper understanding of your audience's life, their pain points, their motivations, and ultimately how your business can make their life better. You can create an ICA by combining both quantitative and qualitative information that tells your audience's story. Quantitative information is anything concrete that you can observe about your audience through data. You can start by looking at your website and social media insights. If you're already in business, pull any client or customer information you have available. Qualitative information, on the other hand, is the more abstract details about your audience. One great way to gather this info is by engaging with them through conversation. You know your community best, so it’s best to trust your gut!
Find your key differentiator & what sets you apart! Performing a "competitive analysis" is essentially a fancy way of saying that it's important to look into who else is doing business in your niche and serving your same audience. Understanding your competition will help you figure out what sets you apart from others in your niche. Finding your key differentiator among your competitors is the cherry on top of your brand strategy!
Here are some ideas to get you started Trustworthy, professional, Caring, Formal, Bold, Elegant, Nostalgic, Versatile, Reliable, Fresh, Friendly, playful, Charming, Cutting Edge. When we meet on your 45 minute discovery call we will dive deeper into these and send you the full list so If you are feeling stuck don't worry just put down what comes to mind for now we can always refine it later.
FEELING STUCK? We have made this simple template to help you out! We are a _____________ and ________________ company that specializes in ____________ and ______________ for _____________. We believe in ________________, __________________, and _______________. Over our _____ years in business we have worked with over ____ clients to help them ____________. Located in __________________ and serving worldwide.
Beginning: Problem: Explain the problem that you set out to solve. Middle: Solution: Describe how you solved it. End: Success: Get excited about the success this produced. Problem + Solution + Success!
Try using this formula (1) what do you do? + (2) + how do you do it? + (3) why do you do it?
Make a list of words that values matter to you as a team and your customers. These words will make up your brand values. For example: (1) empowerment (of everyone our business touches) (2) togetherness (collaboration and no ego is core) (3) being upfront and personal (no frills, no fuss, fast solutions, people first) When you have five words that you are happy with jot them down and add them to the questionnaire. Don't worry about being perfect! Again we can change these in our discovery Call.
Do you offer a specific service? Are you known for something in particular? With this in mind, you may want to use keywords that potential followers may search for.