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are you looking for...

A brochure that looks incredible, that helps you build credibility with your audience,

And helps you grow your bank account?

The problem is...

You’re spending hours and days trying to piece together all the text and images you need, you're not a copywriter you sure as hell are not a designer!

You have no idea where to begin and become overwhelmed when looking at other people's brochures - it's time to cure your brochure envy.

You need your brochure finished quickly and have been stuck on the never-ending merry-go-round of googling how to make a brochure or looking for a quick fix for your problem.


I'm Jacky

We know how challenging it can be to create a brochure because we have created lots of them!

We create brochures to appeal to your target market that delivers your key messages concisely and clearly from the front cover and beyond.

Want a brochure that looks incredible, helps to build your credibility with your ideal customer and grow your business?

Yes! we want to help you to do this! I'm literally waiting for you to book your One to One Discovery-Call Today!

Imagine having a finished brochure that actually helps you grow your business within just 5 days!

Take it from these business owners who are just like you

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Here's a glimpse of the future

  • You have a brochure that looks incredible,
  • That helps you build credibility with your audience,
  • And helps you grow your bank account.

Not only is it the possible, join my other happy customers who
have been through the process and loved it!




Design Service

Here's where you can get a sneak peak of the styles of brochure that might best suit your brand,
get a feel for what is possible


have a nosey of some the things we've have created in the past!

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Corporate Brochures


Annual Reports & Catalogues

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Spa Brochures


Recipe books


Casebound books


Story Books

Our 5 Day brochure design service
has everything you need to..

  • finally deliver brochures to your customers that you both love.
  • take your service-based business to the next level.
  • never feel stuck when it comes to your next meeting again

Here's how it breaks down..



Book a Discovery call to start you off on the right foot, to pick our brains! We will send you a bespoke quote for you to approve, once you approve your quote we will send your invoice to to pay.



You’ll fill out our brochure questionnaire, submit your images and copy (don’t freak out if you don’t have any! we can arrange this too!) Then we edit your brochure with your details and vision.



We will send you the first couple of pages to make sure we are on track, then…You’ll have *four rounds of edits, and then receive your design as soon as we receive a signed off design

Can't do it in
5 days

Not a problem! We work at your pace, so if you need more time to review, that’s fine with us.

We’ve designed it as a 5-day process to help you get started and stay on track to get your new brochure to your customers as soon as possible.

Are we a good fit

Do I still really need a brochure and is it right for me?

If you answer yes to the following questions then you are probably a match!

Here's Why Redhead Graphic Design is Different!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have received your payment confirmation email. We will send over your brand questionnaire for you to complete. This will help us to design and create your brochure to your style and vision.

We like to keep things simple, So we charge a fixed rate per page, However design costs will always vary depending on the number of pages. However for a corporate brochure of up to 10 pages, you can pay around £250.00 dependent upon the design complexity. That is if you provide the images and the copy.

I’m happy to help you in any way I can to make your logo and branding look amazing. If you’ve got questions, please get in touch, I promise reply in office hours!

Perfect! As you will see from my FEATURED IN I have had the pleasure of working with some major brands in my time. I’d say I know stranger to the corporate world and just love helping big brands with their e-commerce lines, packaging, lookbooks and brochures.

Binding is a method used to hold pages together. Common types of binding include stitching and wiro binding, great for brochures and planners. Higher-end techniques such as perfect binding and case binding are well suited to catalogues, yearbooks and photobooks.

GREAT! I will take you step by step jargon free through the process and help you identify the why of your new business and your target audience.  Moving on to branding your business will be much easier with that figured out!

Jacky Moore - Redhead Graphic Design - Branding and Graphic Design

5 day Brochure Design Service

This is your opportunity to work 1-1 with me to map out and brainstorm all of your offers for your brochure design. During the Discovery call you will have the opportunity to map out the main objectives for your design.

You can use this time to get help and tell us about:


Once you have completed our brochure questionnaire, then it’s time to sit back, relax and watch your new money making brochure come to life!