Why You Need 3 Different Logo Types and and How To Use Them

The Three Different Logo Types You Will Need For Your Business

Many people get branding and logos mixed up, and think that maybe they are one and the same thing, now if your new to all of this then I’m here to set the record straight. They are connected to each but just know ‘your brand is NOT JUST YOUR LOGO’ Your branding must be noticeable, […]

When Is a Business Rebranding Necessary, and How Can I Tell?

Rebrand or Refresh What is the Difference

You’ve probably heard of people rebranding their businesses and wonder if yours is ready for a rebrand. Then you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what we’ll discuss today. Let’s look at two topics that cause some confusion. You can rebrand or refresh your business.What’s the difference? A REFRESH is when the why […]

How to Avoid The Top 5 most common branding mistakes.

Branding Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

So you’ve got a great business idea and are ready to get started! Or perhaps you’ve already begun to build your brand but believe it could be improved? I understand… and we’re here to help you navigate the process of creating an amazing and professional brand while avoiding some of these common branding blunders. To […]