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Getting your small business seen by your ideal client shouldn’t be so hard, shouldn’t have you feeling each day like you want to throw your phone across the room or even worse – that feeling that you just want to give it all up. 

In fact, it should be something that isn’t only easy – but something you should enjoy doing that gets you bucket loads of results. 

Imagine opening your email, and being so confident that the effort that, you, (uh hum I) and the energy you have put in will result directly in engagement and sales for your business! 

This? Is exactly what you can expect from the graphic retainer package.


The Graphic Designer Retainer Package is the solution to cure your small business design struggles I’ll literally be on call whenever you need us! Plus more hours you book with us the more you save, it’s a win-win for you!

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4 Hour Package

£ 139
99 Per Month
  • 1 hour per week
  • 20% Discount
  • Live Message Support
  • Monthly Roundup

8 Hour Package

£ 279
99 Per Month
  • 2 hours a week
  • 30% Discount
  • Live Message Support
  • Monthly Roundup

16 Hour package

£ 479
99 Per Month
  • 4 Hours Per Week
  • 40% Discount
  • Live Message Support
  • Monthly Roundup Chat