How to tell if you need a rebrand or a refresh

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How to Know When it’s time for a Rebrand or a Refresh in Your Business

You’ve probably heard of people rebranding their businesses and wonder if yours is ready for a rebrand.

Then you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly what we’ll discuss today.

Let’s look at two topics that cause some confusion. You can rebrand or refresh your business.
What’s the difference?

A REFRESH is when the why and foundation of your business, including your audience, have not changed.

What needs to be updated is your branding and visual identity. To put it another way, your logo, colour palette, and fonts should be more appealing to those people.

At this point, you would hire a professional designer to update your website’s design or refresh your colour palette, photography and your logo.

When we say REBRAND, we mean getting down to the basics of your company and the foundation that supports it.

It entails defining your brand messaging, who you serve, and why they should choose you to work with. Then it’s time to create a new visual identity, to go along with the new direction and messaging.

Now that you’ve learned the distinction between the two, let’s see if it’s time for you to rebrand.

2. You Feel disconnected from Your Audience.

Does this sound familiar? You started a business (and a brand) and your top priority was to create a logo that you thought looked great. But you didn’t spend any time figuring out the “why” behind your company.

Or maybe your web designer was bugging you for a logo, so you chose one so you could get your website up and running, allowing you to create your online store and generate an income.

Regardless of the initial reason, you know it’s time to dig deeper into your brand messaging.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it simply indicates that your company is evolving! Now you need to focus on your new brand message.

It can also be obvious if you are consistently attracting new customers or clients who aren’t a good fit for you.

There are a couple of reasons why you may not feel connected to your audience.

It’s most likely because you haven’t nailed down exactly who you want to work with and how your company will serve them.

It may not appear to be the most enjoyable activity! However, devoting time to this when rebranding will ensure that you are creating a long-lasting brand.

In the long run it will help you to build amazing long lasting relationships with your customers.!

2. You’re Slightly Embarrassed to Send People Over to Your Website or Hand Them Your Business Card.

Now this is also going to be extremely true if you are trying to raise your prices, bring in new services and get bigger, better clients.

You need to make sure that your brand messaging as well as your brand identity reflects that if that’s who you’re trying to attract.

If you are handing out your business card or sending people to your website why it doesn’t look as professional as it could or if it’s being updated is the last thing you want.

Don’t give client’s any opportunity or excuses to doubt your abilities!

Your website and your business card should literally be championing your brand and convincing clients to work with you.

3. You can't seem to get noticed

Establishing a business, branding a company can be extremely stressful! Even once you’re up and running, it’s no easy task. There are always a million other things to do, not to mention competing businesses in the same industry.

How do you make yourself stand out?

I know I sound like a broken record, but putting in the time to do the foundational and brand discovery work is really what will allow you to connect better and stand out more in the crowd.

After you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to craft the right message and brand visuals to give your company its own distinct identity.

While your visual identity, the images and branding are important, they should be developed after your brand messaging is complete because that is what will connect with your clients and make you stand out and better serve them.

What is the end result?

It’s the one you’ve been looking for! You’re stuck in their heads like glue, or at the top of their mind when it comes to hitting that keyboard for the next thing, they don’t google, they type your url.

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3. You can't seem to get noticed

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4. Only a few! That was quite a lot... Let's go over everything again!

Let’s go over the three topics we discussed today and how you’ll know when it’s time to rebrand.

The first is that you don’t feel connected to your audience. If you don’t feel connected to them, chances are they don’t feel connected to you.

Number two, you feel slightly embarrassed when directing people to your website or handing out your business card.

Three, if you feel like you don’t have the ability to stand out or get noticed in an ocean of other businesses. If this is the case there’s a pretty good chance that you need a rebrand.

Before you go!

So, if you learned something new today or you think, “Yes, I definitely need a rebrand,” I know what my next step is.

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And ready to do it WITHOUT the frustration, ‘tech-headache’ or stress that can come with creating a new brand? Click now to learn about our Semi-custom brand designs, Get your brand signed off in 48 hours!

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