how to optimise your website in 3 easy steps

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Optimise Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

If you own a business and your website isn’t getting the traffic you expected, you’re not alone. Many businesses face this issue. But don’t panic, there are three reasons why your website may not be generating enough traffic.

Let’s look at each of these potential issues and solutions. By fixing these issues, you may help your website generate more leads and sales.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

If 2021 taught me anything it was that my website was key to my success!

Networking which was a daily thing for me was clearly out of the window temporarily so I had to pivot and do it fast! It kinda makes me think of that scene out of Friends where they are trying to jimmy the sofa up the stairs and Ross is shouting Pivot Pivot Pivot!

If you were one of those businesses that manage to get the sofa to the top of the stairs and stay open it’s a testament to you and your tenacity, and the main reason why you’re reading this blog post today.

So what are the three steps you can take to optimize your site and make an impact in 2022?

These 3 simple steps will help you build a website that is better optimised to connect with your ideal client and have your best year yet in business!


Step 1 - Brand Messaging

Sometimes your website just isn’t getting the traction that you would expect, and this has to do with your lack of brand messaging.

Writing your brand message takes time to get right, but once you’ve started to tap into who your ideal customer is and how you can help them, brand messaging will come naturally to you.

So let’s break down what brand messaging is and why it’s so important!

Once you’ve identified the issue that your ideal customer faces, offer a solution rather than a list of features and benefits.

If you can help them solve their problem faster and help them visualize their ideal outcome using your product or service, you’ll have a tenfold increase in your chances of connecting with them. 

Have you ever noticed that most of the advertisements on television play to your emotions? This is because our purchasing decisions are influenced by our feelings and the words you use to communicate with your ideal customer.

People’s purchasing decisions are driven by words and emotions, not just a pretty logo. As a result, your branding should be regarded as supporting rather than the major feature of your website.

The main reason brand messaging is so powerful is because people like to feel understood, imagine how you would feel if someone really understood the issues that your business faces and they knew exactly how to write to you in a way that made them feel like they were on the same page as you.

Hello attention! and now you have it they are ready to buy from you or at least gobble up more of your content.

Brand messaging is about understanding your customer and communicating with them so they know you offer solutions rather than just another product or service like everyone else.

If you can hit the nail on the head and tell the story in a way that resonates with your ideal customer, then you’ll find that they’ll engage more regularly and they’ll transact at much higher rates!

So let’s get up close and personal with some brand messaging tips so that your website brand messages are on point!

Website brand Images – Make sure your brand messages jump off the page when people visit your brand’s website, social media profiles, you’re brand message should be everywhere that your brand is.

1) Website Content – If you don’t have a content strategy for website content then now is the time to implement one. When you create regular brand messaging through your blog posts and share them on social media then there will be no more guesswork.

2) Website Content – Tell your story, but tell it in a way that resonates with the people you’re trying to reach. 

3) Website Navigation – Your website navigation should match up with your brand messaging to lead people through your sales funnel and make it easy for them to purchase or sign up!

4) Use Your image or branded images – Your website should have the same images/graphics that you use on your social media profiles.

5) Use testimonials – Don’t be afraid to look for testimonials from your best customers, if you want to create website success then you need to use people who are already successful!

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Step 2 - Conversion Focused Website

As if writing a great brand message wasn’t hard enough, now you have to design your website around those words! Conversion-focused design is so much more than just having a great call to action.

Your website should be easy to read and it should tell the story of who you are and what you do in a way that’s not overwhelming or confusing for people. Make sure the language you use resonates with your target audience.

Your audience should be able to find what they’re looking for within seconds of landing on your website, if it takes them any longer then they are going to start getting frustrated and close your page.

So here are 7 Conversion Focused Design Tips that will help you build a brand messaging army!

1) Call to Action – You need to have a very clear call to action, don’t be afraid of using the word “you” in your CTA, it may seem odd but people are more likely to do something when they feel that you’re talking directly to them.

2) Too much Copy! – Remove extra bulk from your website, people don’t want to read text-heavy pages, they want to skim through information quickly and find what they are looking for.

3) Google Analytics – Use Google Analytics to see where people are dropping off within your sales funnel, use this information to adjust your Conversion rate.

4) Steps to work with you – Convey that you’re offering easy steps to work with you, give them some incentive for signing up to your email list or calling you.

5) Social Media Links – Have social media links within your website design where it’s convenient and easy for people to find!

6) Your Eye-catching Headlines – You should use eye-catching headlines within your website design and copy, these will help people to skim through your site and they’ll be the first thing that people see!

7) Conversion Focused Design – Make sure your website is mobile responsive, there are statistics out there that say that 50% of people now use mobile devices to browse the web so if your website isn’t responsive then you are losing out before you’ve even started!

The reason I put Conversion Focused Design as number 7 is because it needs to match up with all the other points first before this will work for you. Conversion Focused Design is the icing on the cake and it is up to you how much work you put into this!

Finally, I was introduced to Don Miller, the creator of Story Brand, last year and I can’t tell you how much it has benefitted me. I strongly advise you to watch his 5-Minute Marketing Makeover if you want to build a better website in minutes!

So those are the Conversion Focused Design Tips that you need to include in your website design! Take some time to examine your website. Are you making it as simple as possible for customers to do business with you?

Step 3 - No Sales funnel

If you are not making sales, it may be the result of a poor sales funnel.

A sales funnel has all the components that lead people to purchase. You need to implement at least three sales stages:

So what the heck is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel has all the components that lead your customers to purchase. You need to implement at least three sales stages:

– Awareness – Get people aware of your company with a clear brand message.

– Interest – Produce content and resources to generate interest in your brand, AKA your Lead Magnet.

– Desire – Offer special deals and sales to generate desire for your product/service.


Here is a simple diagram of a sales funnel:

Starting by creating your Lead Magnet brings a steady string of customers to the top of your funnel, make sure that your lead magnet is connected to what you offer.

I knew one existed, but had I ever taken the time to put it into action? Finally, realising that I was in charge of my company’s monthly income felt liberating.

So why the sales funnel is so important?

Sales funnels are where you can instill trust and instill belief in your customer that what you’re offering is the solution they’ve been looking for and then naturally transition them into sales.

So do you a have sales funnel in place?

Do you have sales funnels that cover the interest and desire stages of a sales funnel?

I think we’re all guilty of upgrading our websites as frequently as we pack for a trip. 

Expect for me, I like to spend a couple of minutes each day checking out what’s working and what’s not, it just makes good business sense.

But if you love it as much as you love chocolate or your cat, it will love you back tenfold.

If you liked this blog post leave me a positive comment below I would also love to hear about what you would like me to write about next!



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