Branding and Logo Design

I am so excited to share some of the brands that we have created…I can hardly sit still while typing this! Why? Because I’m obsessed with design! Creating brand Identities is one of my favourite aspects of what I do. Luxe Cafe Bar now has over 7,000 followers on Instagram which just shows what a stunning brand identity can really do for your business!

Graphic Design Services

Once we have create your stunning brand for you.. or not I am sure you will be excited to share it with your customers right! That’s why we make it super easy for you to get started.

Need to start with just a business card, we are here for you! Looking to promote on a wider scale take a look at our flyer design. Have a show? We’ve got your back. 

In three easy steps to get your designs done, you’ll be up and running in just one day!


Take a look at our portfolio and then choose your path. Easy!

Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-1
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-2
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-3
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-4
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-5
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-6
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-7
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-9
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-9
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-10
Redhead Graphic Design-Flyers&Leaflets-Graphic-Design-12
Untitled design