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Why Your Brand Should Have Alternative Logos and How to Use Them

Many people get branding and logos mixed up, and think that maybe they are one and the same thing, now if your new to all of this then I’m here to set the record straight. They are connected to each but just know ‘your brand is NOT JUST YOUR LOGO’

Your branding must be noticeable, recognisable, and memorable. That is, of course, if you want your business to succeed – which I assume you do.

However, once you’ve completed the brand messaging work and understand all of the “whys” behind your business, it’s time to discuss the three logo types you’ll actually need to create for your business.

And, because there can be so much misunderstanding on this subject, we thought it deserved its own blog post.

We will go over your primary logo, alternate logo, and submark logo.

So let’s get started.

Logo Type 1: Your Main Logo

This is what most people think of as their logo, and then they wonder why, oh why, it doesn’t fit on social media, invoices, and all the other smaller spaces that you have to squish your logo into! So let me explain why you need three.

Your main logo is the one you should use the majority of the time; it should be horizontal in shape and be the first logo you create.

This is the logo you will use 80 percent of the time on everything you create, so let’s dispel any myths: the only time you don’t use your main logo is when the space is so small that it won’t fit! For instance, in a Favicon. (What is a Favicon?), is the small icon at the top of the web browser when you open a new web page.

I know you have all the colours of the rainbow, but trust me when I say less is more!

Main logos are typically horizontal in shape to fit neatly at the top of a website and sit perfectly on business cards.

That is not to say that a square or vertical-shaped logo cannot be used as your main logo. We’re simply pointing out that it will most likely fit better if the shape is horizontal.

If there is one thing we’ve learned about branding, it’s that the rules never apply 100% of the time. We can only make suggestions based on our prior experience.

So, before you worry about your other logo options, make sure you’ve really nailed down your main logo!

Logo Type 2 : Your Alternate Logo

An alternate logo is basically the redesign of a different shape and space of your main logo.

Perhaps not every brand or marketing item you create is suited to your main logo, so your alternative logo will help you out in these instances!

People recognise your brand immediately, as your alternate logo shouts your brand loud and clear. It’s is much better than trying to squish your main logo into a tiny space, where it may become illegible or worse distorted!

This is precisely why we advise you get your main logo created first. Once you’ve cleared the version, rearranging your business name to fit the different size is super easy.

You can easier move things around in your alternate logo to look faster if your logo has greater horizontal value (as outlined above).

Below are some examples One to One Bespoke Logo Design we have created to show you the difference in shape from the main logo to the alternate logo.

3 Types of Logo you need for your business Blog

Logo Type 3 : Your Submark Logo

Now for the logo under the submark. Sometimes this is the least used of the logo trio, but why not do it and get it ready when you need it if you create a brand from the ground up?

That time is coming, I promise you.

What I want you to remember most is that you make sure that it is readable from a distance.

Look at all your browser tabs now and see how easily they are all recognisable. If you use text as well as an icon in your submark, it will be difficult for you to stand out in the crowd. Not to mention difficult to read! We use a winking Cat. For our Submark. It’s bright orange which is an active colour and a circle which stands for creativity and unity.

Less is definitely more when it comes to your logo submark. And don’t be afraid to use an icon rather than any text! Think Amazon’s arrow, (apart from the latest debacle), the black arrow points from A-Z of the products they supply on a brown square!, symbolising their delivery service. SO CLEVER. Mcdonalds have just the letter M, also known as the golden arches.

And here are a few examples of where you might use a submark logo: social media icons, favicon, inside and O, and your marketing giveaways.

Just think of all the social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. They offer you a small circular space for an icon that most logos don’t fit nicely into.

Depending on how you present your socials you may choose to represent as a brand and this is the perfect spot for your submark!

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Summing up!

Now you should have a better understanding of all 3, maybe take some time to have a look at your logo, if your still confused please do get in touch!

If your still struggling why not let us help you out with our stress free logo design service.

Remember at the beginning when I said you want to be successful and credible, and memorable? Your first step is to figure out the why of your brand, then the who and then, comes the good part you identify your logo! And why does this matter? because without knowing the what and they why how are you going to have a logo that appeals that audience? In short there is no point being all pink and curly if you are a Tractor Contracting Company – it just might not work unless your are the pink curly tractor company!

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